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The word Pediatrics can be analysed as Pedia + Tricks, i.e. the ‘Tricks of handling children’. Hence askpediatrics may mean ‘ask on how to manage and handle common childhood medical problems’.

When you have a child at home, there are innumerable questions, doubts, misconceptions, ideas, beliefs,that relate to the child. Many a times you come across a lot of small issues where you think going to the hospital is actually not required, and only if you could get the relevant information from some source, which could sort out your problem.

The above is the feedback given to me by my well-wishing patients who also gave me the idea of coming out with a website that addresses certain common parent and child problems.

We aim at trying to address most of the common child related issues which as the time progresses would better by the day. We have started with common issues like diarrhoea, breast feeding, infant feeding, immunisation, growth and development, milestones, respiratory issues, and also the age factor in paediatrics. The information provided is from extremely reliable and authentic sources like IAP, AAP.

We hope this information will be useful to all those who visit this website. For the benefit of all we also have a query corner where you may post your query or valuable advice.

Our endeavour will be to better ourselves by the day and we would be thankful to all those who send us their valuable advice, guidance and also point out any mistakes.

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