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When a baby is born, there is immense excitement and joy in the family. Amidst the excitement starts the shower of innumerable advices from all sources, which are both helpful and harmful. This leaves the young parents with a lot of confusion, fear and indecisiveness. Bringing up a child is a full time job and it won’t be wrong to say that it is probably the most difficult of all jobs on earth. Right from the neonatal period to the period of adolescence, each day is a new challenge and a learning curve for parents.

The beauty of God’s creation is that no two human beings are similar and they behave and respond differently to different situations and diseases. This makes the child rearing all the more challenging.

Our mission is to provide a one stop destination to all parents where their queries and doubts are answered. The aim is not only to provide an answer to the questions but to also provide scientific evidence, based on which a particular advice is given. Medicine is now becoming evidence based. Though there is no doubt that years of experience and clinical decisions have the final say, but all this has to be based on scientific background, research, and published data from an authentic source. We have also incorporated a Doctors corner and Medical update tab. The aim is to provide basic as well as latest information, guidelines and consensus statements to our paediatrician colleagues, aspiring paediatricians and also the nursing staff working with children. Medicine is a changing science and we need to keep ourselves abreast with the new research, and guidelines. What was recommended 15 years back is not recommended now.

With the advancement in the field of Information and Technology, we wish to utilise this opportunity to reach out to as many parents as well as professionals as possible and disseminate the right information for the benefit of all. In a bid to do this we ourselves would also have the advantage of keeping abreast with the latest in the world of paediatric medicine.

We wish to thank all those who visit our website and would be grateful for all the opinions, criticisms or advice given to us.

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