Dr. ( Maj) Manish Mannan

Dr. ( Maj) Manish Mannan

Designation: HOD Paediatrics & Neonatology
Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon

Dr. (Maj) Manish Mannan is a post graduate in paediatrics from the Army Hospital (Referral and Research), New Delhi. He has served the Army Medical Corps of the Indian Army for 5 years. He also worked at AIIMS, New Delhi for two years in various sub specialties of Pediatrics, at Sitaram Bhartia Institute, New Delhi for two years. He has extensive experience in neonatal intensive care. He has been associated with various national and international research projects including the ICMR, WHO to list a few.

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The word Pediatrics can be analysed as Pedia + Tricks, i.e. the 'Tricks of handling children'. Hence askpediatrics may mean 'ask on how to manage and handle common childhood medical problems'. When you have a child at home, there are innumerable questions, doubts, misconceptions, ideas, beliefs,that relate to the child. Many a times you come across a lot of small issues where you think going to the hospital is actually not required, and only if you could get the relevant information from some source, which could sort out your problem.
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